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Jerusalem Old City Panoramas and Other Photographs 09/18/2017
Jerusalem Great Synagogues 08/06/2017
Dead Sea and Masada Hiking 07/26/2017
Israel Kosher Vacation for American Tourists 07/17/2017
Dvar Torah for My Son on His Bar MItzvah 02/02/2017
Peace in Israel – Quick Thoughts 12/27/2016
Tannersville (and Hunter) NY Kosher Jewish Vacation 09/08/2016
Miami Kosher Vacation (North Miami Beach) 07/12/2016

Zmanim for December 12th, 2017
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PCCK Chanukah Mesiba with HaRav Simcha Bunim Cohen on Tues. Dec. 12th at 9:15 in BTU
12/05/2017 The Passaic Clifton Community Kollel And Bais Torah U’Tefila Invite the community to a CHANUKAH MESIBA TUESDAY NIGHT,DECEMBER 12th Divrei Torah and Chizuk by: HaRav Simcha Bunim Cohen shlita Rav, Khal Ateres Yeshaya, Lakewood; Noted Mechaber Sefarim MESIBA: 9:15 PM DRASHA: 9:30 PM BTU DOWNSTAIRS- 218 AYCRIGG AVENUE SPONSORS NEEDED! Please email passaiccliftonkollel@gmail.com
PCCK Shiur Iyun on Chanukah with HaRav Moshe Brown shlita
11/28/2017 The Passaic Clifton Community Kollel Invites the community to a Shiur Iyun on Chanukah From: HaGaon HaRav Moshe Brown Shlita Rosh Yeshivas Yeshiva of Far Rockaway, Rav, Agudas Yisroel of West Lawrence WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6th SHIUR: 9:30 PM MAARIV: 10:15 PM BTU - 218 AYCRIGG AVE SPONSORS NEEDED! Please email passaiccliftonkollel@gmail.com
11/14/2017 IF YOU MIGHT HAVE LOST AN EARING ON THIS PAST SHOBBOS ---- NOV 11th --- across the street from the AHAVAS ---- please call 718-869-2843 .... tizcu l'mitzvos
Shatnez Testing at the Ahavas shul. Wednesdays 7-9 PM. ON THE SPOT.
11/14/2017 Shatnez testing every Wednesday at the Ahavas shul. 7-9 PM. ON THE SPOT TESTING. Approved by rabbi Eisenman. More info 845.262.8502
PCCK Yarchei Kallah with Rav Zev Smith on Thursday, Nov. 23rd
11/14/2017 The Passaic Clifton Community Kollel Invites the community to a Legal Holiday Yarchei Kallah From: HaRav Zev Smith shlita DINEI LOSHON HARA - WHEN IS IT PERMISSIBLE TO SPEAK? Advising others not to shop in a specific store ‧ Venting frustrations to others ‧ Telling children not to associate with specific friends ‧ Asking a child to snitch on another ‧ Mediating a machlokes/Shalom Bayis ‧ Lashon hara between spouses ‧ Support groups ‧ Shidduch information ‧ Telling one’s children that actions of others are wrong ‧ Exonerating oneself at the expense of others THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd HOT BREAKFAST BUFFET: 9:30 AM SHIUR: 9:45 AM NOTE LOCATION: BTU – 218 Aycrigg Ave. SPONSORS NEEDED! Please email passaiccliftonkollel@gmail.com
Shiur/Visual Presentation by abbi Shea Hertz Ostreicher
11/12/2017 Daf Hashovua & PCCK are pleased to invite you to an interesting shiur/visual presentation: The Cycle & Movement of The Sun, Moon & Mazalos By: Rabbi Shea Hertz Ostreicher, Founder of שבילי הרקיע - Avenues of The Sky Institution Featuring: A visual aid presentation providing a simple approach to understanding astronomical concepts mentioned in Torah & Chazal Did you ever wonder.... 1) What does "the מולד" mean? 2) What are "the מזלות"? 3) Why is the moon sometimes visible during the daytime? and much more... Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 9:00 pm Bais Torah U'Tefillah (BTU) - downstairs Beis Medrash 218 Aycrigg Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055 Sponsorship Needed

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